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Calling “Time” on “Fixing and Fighting” and Shifting to “Wrestling and Mending”

I turned 60 in April. My birthday came a few short weeks after intimately accompanying my Mum on her death-path and bringing the scattered threads of her long life together for her funeral in March. I’ve crossed a threshold and … Continue reading

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On Being a “Taker” and Restoring “Labyrinth Consciousness”

Life as I’ve known it has come to an end more than once during my lifetime. The end of my life as I’ve known it, until this point, has not meant the end of my life. What I’m learning about … Continue reading

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Myths and Radical Inclusion for 21st Century Women Leaders

The word myth has many meanings. It can mean a lie; it can also mean an oral legacy passed down from pre-recorded history. Myths are sometimes seen as history distorted by being passed down, and sometimes as metaphors and allegories … Continue reading

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