Human Wayfinding, Migration and The Otic Capsule

In March, five weeks after my Mum died, I heard Professor Sue Black on Radio 4 talking about her book “All That Remains”. She spoke about death in a forthright way I have developed a thirst for. Currently Professor of Anatomy and Forensic Anthropology at the University of Dundee, Sue Black’s work takes her to far flung places where she confronts hellish scenes that can’t adequately be described. She finds out why and how people have died. She knows unusual and eerily beautiful things about the power and vulnerability of our human bodies, and the subject of death. Continue reading

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Calling “Time” on “Fixing and Fighting” and Shifting to “Wrestling and Mending”

I turned 60 in April. My birthday came a few short weeks after intimately accompanying my Mum on her death-path and bringing the scattered threads of her long life together for her funeral in March.

I’ve crossed a threshold and my sense of personal authority is coming to life in new ways. I am curious about the application of my personal learning in all areas including, in this context, professionally.

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Wonder Woman, Leadership and Power

“………Wonder Woman’s head piece has several functions, one of which makes her invulnerable to “telepathic attacks”… (she) can resist psychic pressure from power being misused against her….. Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, a magical golden lariat compels anyone it encircles to be truthful. And there are deep truths surfacing in these days.” Read on……

Letting go, loss and feeling lost are not commonly associated with leadership or power, but the capacity to let go, let die, and be in the unknown is a powerful and much needed aspect of feminine leadership. Wonder Woman left her home and never returned. She left everything she knew behind and stepped into an unknown “other” world.

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Myths and Lies

In a world increasingly aware of how data and facts can be used and the presence of “fake” news, I want to clarify the use of the word “myth”. A myth is not a lie. When the word “myth” is used interchangeably with the word “lie”, many already constricted roads into our inherent creativity and imagination risk increased congestion. Myths can be several things, but they are not lies. They have the capacity to clear heavily polluting inner traffic and get us out onto the open roads of inspiration and resourcefulness.

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On Being a “Taker” and Restoring “Labyrinth Consciousness”

Life as I’ve known it has come to an end more than once during my lifetime. The end of my life as I’ve known it, until this point, has not meant the end of my life. What I’m learning about endings seems relevant in a larger context. Things as they have been in our world don’t seem so solid these days.

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“The Rotting Carcass In The Woods” metaphor

Even if I can’t see what’s going on, something always is. Walking in the woods a while ago, I could smell change, even though I couldn’t see it. And it didn’t smell good. The metaphor seems relevant in these times.

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Myths and Radical Inclusion for 21st Century Women Leaders

The word myth has many meanings. It can mean a lie; it can also mean an oral legacy passed down from pre-recorded history. Myths are sometimes seen as history distorted by being passed down, and sometimes as metaphors and allegories for inner processes – stories that are symbolically but not factually “true”. All are relevant here.

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