“The most inspiring, motivating and reassuring course I think I’ve ever done! I’ve been given much food for thought and courage and inspiration to move forward. Thank you!” ~ Emma

“Working with Sarah-Jane allowed me to evaluate my life at a specific moment in time. I learned practical ways of making important decisions and implementing change. Most importantly, I came away with powerful tools I can use in the future.” ~ Debbie

“Sarah-Jane’s positive and engaged style has been great for me. At a major change in my life, working with her helped me become really present to what’s around me and what matters in a very powerful and alive way.” ~ Mark

“Sarah-Jane is so aware of how women have multiple roles and responsibilities and how this adds value to their lives, family and society. Sarah-Jane challenged my preconceptions and encouraged me to be independent yet supported and nourished. Most of all Sarah-Jane motivated me to take full ownership of my future.” ~ Ann

“Working with Sarah-Jane I was encouraged to think more deeply and reflect on troublesome situations from totally different perspectives. Her amazing capacity to be both challenging and nurturing allowed me to address deeply-rooted beliefs I was unconscious of holding that were unhelpful to me. It’s been a truly rewarding experience, at many levels.” ~ Alison