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Calling “Time” on “Fixing and Fighting” and Shifting to “Wrestling and Mending”

I turned 60 in April. My birthday came a few short weeks after intimately accompanying my Mum on her death-path and bringing the scattered threads of her long life together for her funeral in March. I’ve crossed a threshold and … Continue reading

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Wonder Woman, Leadership and Power

“………Wonder Woman’s head piece has several functions, one of which makes her invulnerable to “telepathic attacks”… (she) can resist psychic pressure from power being misused against her….. Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth, a magical golden lariat compels anyone it encircles … Continue reading

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Myths and Lies

In a world increasingly aware of how data and facts can be used and the presence of “fake” news, I want to clarify the use of the word “myth”. A myth is not a lie. When the word “myth” is … Continue reading

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