Coaching takes place in person at Sarah-Jane’s practice, by phone or via Skype. At times of growth or change, personally or professionally, it can make a substantial difference to have a coach focused on your agenda and championing your priorities.

Please get in touch if you’d like to:
• Step more fully into your own sense of what’s possible
• Go deeply to the root of what matters to you and have it taken seriously
• Build greater resilience in the face of new challenges
• Give up exhausting quick fixes and expensive silver bullets
• Have greater sustainable impact without burn out
• Experience greater levels of your own creativity and imaginative resources

How coaching works and getting started:
Email Sarah-Jane to set up an initial contact by phone or Skype. The purpose of the initial connection is for you to get a feel for how Sarah-Jane works, and for her to understand if she can help. If she can’t, she’ll say so.

If you agree to work together, you’ll have an initial assessment session in which you clarify your purpose in having coaching and what you want from it. You’ll start to get a sense of the deeper levels that will underpin the working relationship and your journey. An outline of a path that meets your sense of what you need at this time will be agreed.

There are several ways of working that might include the following or a combination of them:
• A series of weekly sessions of 60 minutes each that take place either in person or by phone. The sessions are designed to support you, your learning and insights and to use any setbacks along the way.
• A 3-hour stand-alone session to clarify and gain insight on a specific issue. Using a process called “The Symbols Way” you’ll set up and leverage the perspective of 4 archetypal positions from which you strategically invite insight and guidance with respect to a specific challenge or question.
• Coaching interventions using Systemic Coaching with Constellations. This is an approach to seeing and transforming challenges by creating maps of your various systems. This is designed to enable the invisible dynamics of even seemingly intractable situations to be illuminated, and moved through.

What Sarah-Jane brings:
Sarah-Jane brings skills and experience to champion and support you within a robust, enlivening, insightful and confidential space. She’ll invite you to step into other viewpoints, develop your strengths and increase your awareness of patterns that aren’t serving you. Using tools and models that you mutually agree on, Sarah-Jane will challenge and encourage you in an adventure of discovery, experimentation and action on your own behalf. Sarah-Jane brings 30 years of directly related experience to help you learn, grow in presence and authority while building inner and outer resilience to stay true to what matters to you.

Coaching is not advice, mentoring or therapy. It is a professional partnership that supports healthy and effective changes to enhance your personal and professional daily life.